Moonlit Waters Ritual Bath Kit

$ 18.50
Moonlit Waters Ritual Bath Kit
Ritual purification before spiritual rites is as old as ritual itself.

The ancient Romans, the Japanese and the Persians all had cleansing rites before entering places of worship or prayer. Some of them still exist today.

In modern Wicca, the act of taking a ritual bath helps to center the witch, preparing the mind and body for ritual.

This lovely ritual bath kit contains all the ingredients for a proper ritual bath before moon ritual. It includes:

*1 bag of moon herbs
*1 small, white, unscented candle
*1 reusable charging box with gorgeous crescent moon pendant
*Ritual bath salts with essential oils especially chose for the full moon
*1 scroll with simple instructions for use.

Blessed be!

Shipping:  $4.75 (flat rate, ships in 1-2 weeks)

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