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Full Moon Ritual Kit

$ 23.00
Full Moon Ritual Kit
The moon is a sacred symbol in the practice of Wicca and modern witchcraft.

Honoring the cycles of the moon is the foundation of Wicca.

The cycles of the moon correlate to the rising of the ocean tides, feminine mysteries and the rhythm of life. Tuning in to them is a powerful way to connect to your higher awareness.

This kit includes:

1 Floral Smudge Stick (about 7")
1 Bottle of Moon Oil
1 Hand-painted Lavender Altar Tile

You may come up with your own creative ways to use the tools in this kit.

Or, try one of these simple suggestions:

Charge the altar tile in the light of the full moon and then leave it on your altar during the rest of the month to bring the energy of the full moon into your sacred space.

Anoint your altar, tools and body with Moon Oil once a month for blessing.

Use the Floral Smudge Stick to clear your sacred space and home during the full moon.

Shipping:  $6.50 (Ships in 1-2 Weeks)

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