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Element of Water Loose Incense

$ 9.50
Element of Water Loose Incense

A beautiful blend of herbs all ruled by the Element of Water, including rose, thyme, chamomile and more!

If you are exploring sea witch rituals, this blend is a lovely addition to your altar supplies.

Perfect for use in rituals involving the element of water, which rules love, emotions and intuition.  Here are some ideas for using your Element of Water Incense:

*Burn it on the altar to call on deities associated with water (Venus, Aphrodite, Poseidon)
*Put it in love sachets and mojo bags
*Use it during spells for emotional health and well-being
*Burn it to connect to the element of your birth sign
*Scatter it on the beach or throw it in the water during water rituals.

Comes with a lovely detachable mermaid charm.

A nice gift for the water sign in your life (Scorpio, Cancer & Pisces).

Jar is about 2.5" x 2.5"

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