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Chunky Dried Orange Peel

$ 7.00
Chunky Dried Orange Peel
Include this natural, hand-dried orange peel in incense blends, potpourri, candles, soaps and rituals to brighten darkness and lift the spirit.

Cut chunky for vibrant flashes of yellow and orange in your blends or on the altar.

If you opt to break it down further by cutting it or tearing it into smaller pieces, it releases the natural citrus aroma.

Some ideas to use your orange peel in ritual:

*Use in soaps and candles to lift the spirit
*Include in classic hoodoo recipes like Florida Water
*Blend into creativity incenses
*Use in cleansing rituals or to "cheer" the mood of a space
*Burn it on a charcoal disk in your bedroom after recovering from illness
*Use it in fall and winter incense blends to evoke the spirit of the season

3 Oz.

Shipping:  $2.50 (Flat Rate, Ships 1-2 Weeks)

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