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Getting to Know Your Tarot Deck

Come on.  Admit it.  Your tarot deck has been sitting in a closet or a drawer for months or years.  You always mean to break it out and really become fluent, but it never happens. If you haven’t decided on a New Year’s resolution yet, learning the tarot is a great skill that can been … Continue reading Getting to Know Your Tarot Deck

Chaos Tarot Spread

Have things gotten a little crazy lately?  Don’t know which end is up? Perfect for the seeker feeling a little out of sorts, this spread is designed to help tame the mess and make sense of your surroundings. 1.  Your foundation.  This card represents the most stable force in your life. 2.  The “disrupter.”   … Continue reading Chaos Tarot Spread

5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

Have you been reading tarot for a while?  Are you at a comfortable level of fluency with the cards? You might be ready to start reading tarot professionally.  But before you do, take a moment to do a quick personal inventory. 1.  What are your ethics?  While everyone is different in this respect, I think … Continue reading 5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

3-Fold Path Spread

You may be familiar with a spread called the “Two Fold Path” spread, which considers two major life decisions.  The Three-Fold spread is a variation on this, drawing additional cards for a third option—The Path Unconsidered. This is where the Tarot can be especially helpful in decision making.  Sometimes, when we are faced with two … Continue reading 3-Fold Path Spread

Free Will of Fate Tarot Spread

In my last post, we discussed the concept of the “Free Will of Fate.” Discussion is one thing, practical application is another.  So I decided to show you a simple Tarot spread that applies this principle in the practice of divination. Position 1:  The Crossroads.  This position represents the figurative place you are in right … Continue reading Free Will of Fate Tarot Spread

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